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About NweRIDE

We Ride, We share!

All over Europe, we are getting stuck in traffic jams. Our city roads are saturated and slow down our daily life. Fortunately, more and more people realize that if we keep on commuting individually, we are literally getting nowhere.
One of the growing alternatives is ridesharing. Via several local applications, travellers with a similar route can connect and share their route.

Unfortunately, there is no information exchange between those applications.

International ridesharing

Within the project NweRIDE, a platform has been build that makes it possible to exchange rides from different ridesharing systems. Even more, a link with public transport has been integrated. This elevates the chances of finding an appropriate ride significantly.
In order to make ridesharing more attractive to commuters, the project also looked into the possibilities of matching rides, based on information from the agenda of the travellers.

Pilot cases

Within the project, 3 pilot cases took place:

  • Transcontinental ridesharing from Belgium/The Netherlands to Staffordshire in Scotland.
  • Ridesharing in combination with public transport.
  • Ridesharing based on information from the agenda of the travelers.

The participating platforms are: Liftshare based in the UK, Tripper based in The Netherlands, Cocar and Taxistop based in Belgium.

Work Packages

The project contains 4 work packages:

  • WP1: NweRIDE technical platform
  • WP2: NweRIDE pilots and demonstrator
  • WP3 Trip enhancement research
  • WP4 Project result dissemination and founding a European Dynamic Ridesharing Association

Click here for more information on the work packages.


The applications involved are:



NweRIDE is a European project, realized with the support of Interreg IVB NWE

The project started on June 2013 and ends in September 2015