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NweRIDE announces project results

Today, the results of the European project NweRIDE are being announced. As part of the project, a digital platform has been developed that helps carpool systems exchange information on available rides. It also provides an integrated link with public transport and a facility to exchange individual user information, helping people find the right ridesharing match. 

3th pilot movie available: ridesharing via your business calendar

The third and last NweRIDE pilot movie is ready. This time, we show you how you can rideshare, based on information that is already in your business agenda. For this test case, our two volunteers Frédéric and Stéphane, link their agenda to Calendrive, a tool that was developed within the NweRIDE project. Afterwards, both the […]

The future of the platform

The NweRIDE project finishes in September, but the work to promote ridesharing isn’t finished yet. During the afternoon session at the NweRIDE seminar we organized a brainstorm session on the future of the platform. 4 subjects were chosen: Innovation, awareness, the technical platform and learning networks. The participants were divided into 4 groups to brainstorm […]

Payment modelling break-out session


Under the guidance of Patrick Schoon, CEO of the Dutch partner Sellmark, we organised a Payment Modelling workshop during the NweRIDE European Ridesharing Seminar. Professionals active in ridesharing, public transport and the taxi industry sat together and discussed on payment modelling within ridesharing. The NweRIDE infrastructure is technically finished and ready for expansion with new […]

A succesful NweRIDE seminar!


Last week, the NweRIDE European Ridesharing Seminar took place. And we must say: it was a very successful and interactive event. The clear presentations, live demonstrations, interesting discussions and dito networking make us conclude that there should be a future for the NweRIDE platform after the project has finished. Click here for the presentations

NweRIDE European Ridesharing Seminar


ENGLISH On July 2nd 2015, the NweRIDE project group will host a seminar on the NweRIDE project. We are proud to announce that recently, Mr. Ruut Louwers, the Programme Director of the European NWE IVB programme, confirmed his presence. Next to firsthand information on this new ridesharing tool, you can attend live demonstrations and participate […]

NweRIDE newsletter – May 2015


ENGLISH Meet NweRIDE and read about the European Ridesharing Seminar, ridesharing apps and Cross channel ridesharing in the NweRIDE newsletter. Click here. DUTCH Maak kennis met NweRIDE en verneem alles over het Europese Ridesharing seminarie, de applicaties en het delen van ritten over de grenzen heen. klik hier.

Ridesharing via Calendrive information


ENGLISH The link between our NweRIDE platform and Calendrive is ready to go. We assume. Time for the big test. Today, two persons who work in the same area, will be linked via the connection of their calender with our platform. Curious if it will be a match! DUTCH De link tussen het NweRIDE platform […]

3th International Steering Group meeting


ENGLISH Time flies. The end of our NweRIDE project is already approaching. We have 6 months left and our production level is steaming. Especially the technical developments have speed up enourmously. At the same time, an important question rises to the surface: what will happen with our platform once the project has finished? DUTCH De […]

NweRIDE @ UITP – Mobility in regional area’s: Challenges, trends, solutions


ENGLISH Today, our project partner Angelo Meuleman from Taxistop, gives a presentation on NweRIDE at the UITP event in Brussels. DUTCH Vandaag stelt projectpartner Angelo Meuleman van Taxistop NweRIDE voor tijdens het UITP evenement in Brussel.